Screen shots from the servers I have played on and player jokes.

From Dragon Coast and Winter Watch--both under Role Play in Game Spy

The first set of pictures come from Dragon Coast. On there we had a villian who was named Axis Floud. Another player named Hennan decided to come up with a tale as to how Axis became such a nasty, vile creature.

The story goes that Axis was swimming in a river one day. He had taken off his pretty pink DuaK brand underwear. During this time he was a chaotic but halfway decent man. He was until his DuaK's got stolen by a passerby. Well, this made him angry, very angry indeed. He complained so much about his missing DuaKs that everyone began to believe DuaK was a god. Thus, Duak'te'hephist was born as the evil god of Dragon Coast.

Now whether this is true or not is unknown, but it spawned a LOT of DuaK wear pictures!!!!

DuaK swimwear ad!!!

DuaK swimwear ad featuring Elvalinia!!!

DuaK swimwear ad featuring Axis Floud himself!!!

DuaK swimwear ad featuring Thalgar the dwarf!!!

DuaK swimwear ad with our bard Quilliant!!!

DuaK swimwear ad with Gork's never used Balron named Bob!!!

DuaK swimwear ad featuring kiari!!!

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